Friday, January 2, 2009

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Drip-Brewed Irony

A commonly occurring theme in this season’s CTV Christmas profgramming seems to be that of the big city business man (heiress, tax man) who, by reason of a snowstorm or a corporate assignment, inevitably finds himself in some small town dive of a diner, bewildered when he discovers they don’t serve espresso, just regular coffee. (With free refills, of course. Except in that one show when the diner was going under and all the locals were up in arms when a second cup was no longer on the house.) Seriously, I have witnessed this occurrence on my screen at least three times since coming home. And every time, I would laugh at the Big City Man and his uppity preferences.

And then it happened to me. Oddly enough, it was not the Big City Girl finding herself lost in the country, but the girl fresh off the plane from “backwards Turkey” arriving in her world-class hometown, just hours north of Seattle, the Coffee Capital of America. Mom had a doctor’s appointment downtown, and having left in plenty of time for snow delays, we found ourselves at the hospital complex with time to spare, so I thought I’d get myself a latte at the lobby coffee shop while we waited. Despite the cafe’s trendy looking exterior, I was surprised when, upon ordering, I received the same answer as my television counterparts – “Sorry, we don’t serve lattes, just regular coffee. But we can put steamed milk on top if you like.”

Hmm. Perhaps the coffee gods decided to have a little fun at my expense and teach me not to mock Big City People and their fussy tastes. Apparently I am one of them.