Thursday, June 4, 2009

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A Day in the Life: Fatih

I have been waiting since March to post these photos, hoping in vain for “enough time” to write something colourful and compelling, but, alas, I think I ought to just give up and post the pictures.

They are from a visit to Fatih, a district of Istanbul that feels like....somewhere other than Turkey....and has captured my interest as of late. Unlike many of the more cosmopolitan areas of the city, daily life in Fatih seems to centre entirely around religion. Istanbul’s version of the Bible Belt, there is “a mosque on every corner” and at prayer time, they are packed out. I spent a few days loitering in mosque courtyards and roaming crowded neighbourhoods, trying to capture the heartbeat of Fatih.

I think my camera and I shall be frequent visitors here.


That first one's my favorite!

great stuff I love it!