Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Focus:: Cairo

Like the rest of the world, my eyes are glued to the scenes and images of upheaval and desperation coming out of Cairo. Several years and a hundred lifetimes ago, I traded in an Istanbul August for the scorching heat of the Egyptian desert in order to spend a (surprise) weekend with some precious photo school friends who were on assignment there. The burning buildings, overturned police vehicles and throngs of angry protesters we're seeing this week stand out in stark contrast to the happy (to this tourist, anyway) world of felucca rides on the Nile, sawdust-carpeted kosheri restaurants, and pictures of smiling friends "kissing the sphink-us." My interactions with Egyptians were set mostly against the backdrop of the "Magic Streets" - a tangled maze of creatively painted walls, impromptu neighbourhood dance parties and gap-toothed street urchins - one big photo waiting to be captured. I couldn't say anything beyond "Hello," "Thank you" and, "Can I take your picture?," but as with any other Muslim nation, a smile was enough to win a few moments on the inside of a family or a group of giggling schoolgirls. Three days, some good falafel and many glasses of mango juice were enough to earn Egypt a spot in my heart.

I don't have any brilliant journalistic comments or political statements to make here. I just wanted to share these photos in honour of the people of Egypt, the hopelessness of its otherwise colourful world and the lives being lived and lost on its streets.


absolutely gorgeous pictures....glad you have such fond memories of Egypt.

You are blessed in so many ways, as you are able to travel, as you have an eye to "see" and you'r loved!
Great Pictures, I like them!
Hermann, your friend