Monday, August 6, 2012

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In Honour of BC Day....

Happy BC Day!  It's the day we celebrate the pioneers who formed the colony that eventually became our beloved province.....or just a day to eat salmon and enjoy the sunshine and the long weekend!  

Last week, my mom and I went on a road trip across the southern part of BC, visiting lotsa friends and family and having fun adventures and pit-stops along Highway 3.  It's the first time in years that I've gotten out of the Lower Mainland (aka Metro Vancouver) while visiting home and all week long, I kept exclaiming, "I feel more British Columbian than I have in ages!"

So, in honour of BC Day, here are the Top Ten road trip moments that made me remember all over again why I'm so glad I'm from here.  

1. Picking Raspberries in Abbotsford

2. Revisiting the lake of my youth at Camp Kawkawa in Hope

3. Roasting hot dogs over the campfire in Abbotsford and Midway

4. Smelling wet pine needles during a fabulous rain storm in Hedley

5. Climbing the platforms of an old gold mine in Hedley

6. Tubing down the Kettle River in Midway

7. Having my photo taken with a sasquatch in Osoyoos

8. Buying maple syrup and Okanagan peaches and cherries in Keremeos

9. Eating poutine while watching Olympic coverage in Keremeos  (Okay, I suppose technically poutine is a Quebecois thing, but it made me feel Canadian!)

10. Eating Nanaimo Bars in Vancouver

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