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The Coffee Diaries: Antalya-Izmir-Istanbul (November 2011)

Nov. 1 - Anniversary Blend in my Istanbul mug (hitting the road for the golden city tomorrow!) during my QT; Seattle’s Best with real cream x 2 @ a gathering at a friend's house.

Nov. 2 - Anniversary Blend @ home/in car on way to bus station in blue travel mug; Nescafe 3 in 1 x 2 on Pamukkale bus to Selçuk, Cafe Verona with milk and sugar that I fished from my bag (there was none in the kitchen) with Jess at the pansiyon in Selçuk.  (Always carry extra sugar packets in your bag - you never know when you’ll need them!)

Nov. 3 - Cafe Verona w/ Jess @ breakfast at the pansiyon, layered latte macchiato w/ Jess @ St. John Cafe in Selçuk (chatting and enjoying the breezy autumn day at a table on the sidewalk); surprisingly good coffee @ Burger King in Izmir airport before flying to IST.

Nov. 4 - Orta şekerli Türk kahvesi (medium sugar Turkish coffee) @ Fazıl Bey’s in the Kadıköy Çarşısı at the wobbly table upstairs by the window; a second Türk kahvesi at a chilly but atmospheric sidewalk table @ Brezilya Kahveci in the Balıkçılar Çarşısı (fish market.)

Nov. 5 - Orta şekerli Türk kahvesi @ Tiryaki Cafe in the Balıkçılar Çarşısı at a low outside table, watching the Bayram (holiday) shoppers rush by (I’d hoped to have it “közde” - done over the coals - but he hadn’t fired them up yet); a smooth and creamy yet highly overpriced latte (10 TL) at the Kafka Kafe upstairs in the Kahve Dünyası bookstore in Kadıköy, chocolate cheesecake on the side.  :)

Nov. 6 - Late night 3 in 1 Nescafe at home with my Turkish mom after a long day of Bayram visits and crunching çekirdek (sunflower seeds.)

Nov. 7 - Frothiest Türk kahvesi I’ve ever made...though it was a bit on the watery side...with my Turkish mom and her sister-in-law on 2nd day of Bayram.  They’ll make a gelin (bride) of me yet!

Nov. 8 - Orta şekerli Türk kahvesi @ Fazıl Bey’s as I sit down and attempt to be a focused writer  (Three hours, one sahlep and one çay later, I think I’m getting the hang of it!);  one more orta şekerli at Brezilya, just cuz I can’t say no to a sidewalk cafe and a book.

Nov. 9 - Pre-flight Caramel Macchiato @ Atatürk Airport domestic terminal Starbucks in hopes of warding off an impending headache.  Three kids behind me crying all the way home cancelled out its effect.

Nov. 10 - Looking backwards with nostalgia - Anniversary Blend in my Istanbul mug on the terrace during my QT;  Nescafe with my neighbour's daughter as she explained to me why she suddenly decided to wear the headscarf.