Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013 - No comments

Five Interesting Things I Saw From the Bus Window This Week

  1. Three full-grown guys riding (or rather, weaving) down the road on one bicycle.  Not a motorcycle, just a regular bike.  Very crowded.
  2. Two little boys, not more than three or four years old, waiting on the median of a busy street to push their little two-person toy jeep the rest of the way across the road.  Hands on the bumper, little butts up in the air, looking both ways.  Scared me to death.
  3. A guy riding a bicycle down the road with a newspaper opened up inside his V-neck sweater to block the wind and keep his chest warm.  I thought that was pretty creative.
  4. There’s a place not too far from my house that sells toilets and it has a life sized camel on the roof.  Looks like a statue, but could very well be the work of some skilled Middle Eastern taxidermist.  I don’t get the connection between toilets and camels, but it catches one’s eye if nothing else.
  5. At the BP gas station closest to home, there’s a big semi parked in the parking lot,’s a Burger King!  It’s got the words “Ateş seni cağrıyooooo” on the side (translation ‘The fire is caaaaaaalling you’ - the slogan from their ad)  There are tables outside and steps going up to an opening in the side where you can order a burger and fries while you wait for your gas to be pumped.  It’s kinda like a taco stand or a food truck’s Burger King.  What makes it funny is that it’s out in the sticks, where there aren’t even traffic lights, let alone American fast food joints.  Weird.
There’s a #6, too, but it’s a story all its own.  Stay tuned to hear how I witnessed a motorcycle robbery on Monday......