Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Kuzguncuk: A Rainbow by the Sea

In preparation for my Turkish sister's wedding day photo shoot, today I did a little "location scouting."  (Translation:  "Checking to see if there are any shady places in the area so the bride's makeup doesn't melt and drip all over her dress as we wander around on a 38 degree August afternoon.")  I was so excited when she told me they wanted to do their photos in Kuzguncuk, a colourful little Bosphorus neighbourhood that's one of my favourite places in Istanbul.  Picture narrow streets lined with rainbows of gorgeous houses, carved wooden balconies and intricate wrought iron grilles overflowing with flowers, old men drinking tea and gossiping under ancient sycamore trees, and a salty breeze blowing up from the sea...

Here are some of my favourite shots from the day:

There's one house in particular that I always love to pop by, mostly because the artfully arranged junk in the yard is ever changing.  I was particularly impressed with their creative method of drying peppers...

"Before marriage" (upside-down) and "After marriage" (rightside-up).