Thursday, October 9, 2008

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Guns, Glitter and Goodies

Bring on the sugar! The four days after Ramadan are known as the Sugar Festival, and aptly so. Most everyone is off school and work, new clothes are bought, relatives visited, old people's hands kissed, and mass amounts of baklava consumed. Much like our Halloween, kids go door to door singing little rhymes and asking for candy.

I spent this Sugar Festival in Adana with friends, and we spent one of our afternoons at the big park downtown. Families picnicked, couples lined up for horse and carriage rides, and little boys tore about en masse, each with a new toy gun. (I swear every kid in the city got a gun for their holiday gift!) Adana has a large population of Kurds, and I was fascinated by the beautiful Kurdish women in their glittery national dress. I asked one lady if her clothes were special for the holiday, but nope, she sparkles like that every day! As always, the camera (coupled with our very obviously NOT Turkish faces) drew crowds everywhere we went. I was more than happy to capture the festivities on film....or, rather, memory card. (Doesn't have the same ring, does it?) :)