Monday, March 23, 2009

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Life Behind the Trenches

More often than not, our neighbourhood resembles a warzone. No, there aren't tanks rolling down the street or snipers on the rooftops. It's more the fact that we are surrounded by trenches, and the sounds of the big machines digging them might as well be machine guns. If in the heart of every man there still exists a little boy who likes to dig in the dirt, these city workers must be in heaven cuz they get to dig up our road on a regular basis. In the fall, it was for plumbing pipes, and this time, they've re-dug the same ditches to put in new water pipes. Or something. (Why we couldn't have done this all at the same time, I am not sure.)

Thankfully they are kind enough to go around and tell everyone to move their cars from the parking lot before they dig, but if you aren't home at them time, you could be stuck and not able to get your vehicle out for a few days. The trickiest part is that the location of the trenches and the little footbridges to cross them changes on an almost daily basis, so you can't get too confident of your route (especially in the dark!) or you may find yourself in a hole. You are taking your life in your hands every time you go to the corner store! I think the neighbours must get such a kick of watching us dash down the road (dog in tow, of course), navigating the maze as fast as we can in order to not miss the bus. Sometimes it's faster just to play the graceful (hopefully) gazelle and take a flying leap and hope you make it across. (One of my roommates had an unfortunate incident last week where her foot slipped an she landed shoulder deep in the dirt!) Particularly amusing is the spectacle that occurs when the shepherds have to get their sheep across. Inevitably a few poor little lambs have to be rescued cuz their little legs just can't make the jump.

Never a dull moment, let me tell you.

Bobbie has been particularly puzzled by the ever-changing landscape of the neighbourhood.

If these pipes mean a more regular water supply, it will definitely have been worth the nuisance.


that's crazy!!! gotta love turkiye :)