Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009 - 3 comments

Refrigerator Art

Yesterday Dad showed me something pretty stinkin' amazing. He showed me a picture of his fridge - as if he has a fridge! - and it was covered in artwork. My artwork! He told me that he had saved every little thing I had ever made, from fingerpaintings to professional photos. But more than that, he has collected every piece of myself I have ever offered, whether or not it was accepted or prized by its intended receiver. Like a proud Daddy, he treasures it all.

The desire to create is so strong in me, and yet so often I don't give it enough validity in my life, or I don't think it is as good a use of my time as (fill in the blank.) Or sometimes the things I have to offer don't feel like what is needed, so I hold them back. But he is healing this part of my soul, showing me that everything I have to give is so incredibly precious to him, and with this comes the courage to truly offer what is in my heart.

That said, my joyful response today was to create something! I exploded my artsy stuff all over the room and had a delightfully crafty day off. Here is the result - a skyline of my favourite city that is soon to grace a blank spot on my wall.


I love this, James - especially what it represents! Thanks for the great "coffee date" today. Love you! Sleep well and feel better!

Beautiful Jamie and very "you"! I love that Dad is calling that creativity out of you more!

Jamie, this art is awesome!!! I love it, and what it represents that Dad is doing in you. Create on friend!!!