Monday, April 13, 2009

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Life Lessons While You Wait

Made some interesting discoveries via Antalya Coiffeur magazine while waiting to get my hair cut last week:

* There are a plethora of uses for the leftover loose tea in your çay danlık (Turkish teapot). Rub it in your hair after conditioning for extra shine, on your feet every night for a week if they are stinky, on a wound to keep it from getting infected, on your hands if they smell like onions, on your bald spot to make it vanish....kidding.

* One of the most important parts of being a wife is to have food your husband loves on the table, right on time, all the time. Oh, and you're supposed to be sure he never sees any "unpleasant sight" in the house. Like dust.

* Manly men must never drink bag tea or wear shiny clothes.

*Supposedly the reason "we" (or at least Turks and French people) say "Alo?" when we answer the phone dates back to Alexander Graham Bell and his beloved, Alessandra Lolita Oswaldo. At first, the only operating phone in existence was hers, so when it would ring, he would answer using her nickname, "ALO." Time passed and telephone use became more widespread in the town. When Alessandra got jealous of Alex's love for his invention, she left the two of them to themselves and broke off the relationship. He was heartbroken, and every time the phone rang, he would answer with a heart full of hope: "ALO?" Everyone else caught on, and the rest is history. Supposedly.

* There are a whole host of "eerie" similarities between Lincoln and JFK. A few that stuck out: Both died on a Friday, both killed by triple named men who themselves were killed before they went to trial. Lincoln died in the Kennedy Theatre, Kennedy in a Lincoln car. Both Presidents' wives miscarried while living in the White House. Lincoln's secretary's name was Kennedy, and Kennedy's was Lincoln. Both were succeeded by a Johnson; Andrew, born in 1808, and Lyndon B, born in 1908. And the best one: a week before being assassinated, Lincoln was on vacation in Monroe, Maryland, and Kennedy was on vacation with Marylin Monroe.