Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Road Trip Chronicles, Chapter Two: Selcuk

So, off we went. First stop: Selcuk. Selcuk is most famously known for being the home of Ephesus. Seeing as we'd already been there done that several times (and stood in awe, don't worry!) we opted out of the sightseeing and went to connect with the friend we'd come to see. He owns a nice little carpet shop (as anyone who's anyone here does!) and I got some fun shots in there. We spent the night in a pansiyon I've stayed in a couple of times before. It is an old restored house and I am particularly fond of its cozy little courtyard, so my coffee and my journal and I had a "moment" there, as per tradition. Nothing huge to say about Selcuk, as it was just a stopover this time around, but I will tell you that the other thing it is famous for is its storks. They seem to have adopted every old Roman pillar (of which there are surprisingly many) as their own and have nests all over town. Rumour has it that if one nests on your roof, it brings good look to all in your home. Probably leaves little presents in your courtyard, too. So, there you go.