Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday, October 04, 2012 - 2 comments

Too Central Asian for my Own Good

Proof that I'm becoming too Central Asian for my own good....  Today I was out with my language helper and she was like, "Hey, try on those sparkly purple shoes."  And I did....and I liked them!  So she bought them for me.

Wasn't such a fan of the silver buckle - a little too "süslü püslü" (overly decorated and flashy) for my liking.  But twirling around in my room in front of the mirror, I kinda like how they shine...

Next I'll be wearing rhinestone sunglasses and putting doilies under everything in the house.  This country has ruined me.


Well, have you worn them out yet? I haven't seen them on you... But I can relate to that. Just now, riding home on the bus and passing several bridal shops I realized that I've started liking the süslü, fairy-tale like style of dresses more. When I get married I might have to devour the Scandinavian, plain style wedding magazines for months before I decide on a dress.

I HAVE worn them and I love them! Not so great for walking long distances, I don't think (after all, they were only 5 TL) but they are super cute and pretty comfy. I made a whole nice purple outfit to go with them. :) Maybe they'll be good wedding shoes this week....much comfier to dance in than heels!